Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A Quick Change of Colour

Hello Hello.

Unfortunately whilst washing up this evening I chipped a nail, 'cry!' However this obviously meant I had to take off the lot and start again with a fresh lick of paint :) 

Perfect opportunity to test out the new colours I got given!!

These are the Kiko Nail Lacquer and the one on the left is #394 and it's a matt khaki, and the one on the right is #268, and it's light, lime green with a tiny green glitter in it. I actually got bought these but I have been online and they cost £3.90 each (Which I think is really good value). 

This was my first time using Kiko Nail Lacquer, -I've used other products by them - and at first I wasn't so sure as they appeared to be extremely runny and I'm usually one to stay well clear of green. However surprisingly they went on really nicely and two coats got an even colour, and for bonus points I actually like the green. This is the result....
Apologies for bad lighting and photo hopefully will get this sorted for future photographs
What do you think? 
If you do like the finished look you can pick these up online here

Until Next Time


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