Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Just a thought...

Hello Hello

I went into town to day to try and get my hands on the new Apocalips from Rimmel and to my dismay they were all sold out. I went to five different stockists and just couldn't get my hands on one. Will have to try again tomorrow, and will upload a view once I get my hands on them. 

While I was out and about, I went to check out the new 'Naked Basics' palette from Urban Decay. I actually really like the colours in this palette, but they're gorgeous and matte, and I have definitely put this on my wishlist for my birthday.

I also went to spend my YSL voucher I received but I couldn't cope with the sales assistant, I appeared to know more about the products, and when I requested the prices of some of the things I was looking at, she just seemed to take wild guesses, so I was impressed and chose to leave.

All in all my shopping day was a bit of a let down. Better luck next time as they say.

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